Reading Roundup: Social media gurus and blogger Barbie
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Reading Roundup: Social media gurus and blogger Barbie

Sorry I’ve been MIA…then again, my name is TaMIA. Corny, I know… Let’s move on:

Become a social media guru in two minutes or less, now available with cassette tapes! Who knew it was so easy?

Ah, the green screens of the Apple IIe bring back so many computer lab memories. Anyone else remember desperately hoping the weather cooperated when playing Lemonade Stand, learning the difference between prime and composite numbers with Number Munchers, and dying of dysentery (seriously, every time) playing The Oregon Trail?

We girls can do anything (as long as we have our half-caf soy mocha lattes), right Blogger Barbie?

How is Stephanie Seymour still this hot? Does she have some kind of pact with el diablo? Where can I sign up?

Creating your own deadlines and setting aggressive goals for your business. Can (and should) be applied to personal projects, too. Ahem.

Why small actions are more important than big plans. Tip: “You can jump in anywhere in the process to get it going.”

French retailers revolt against e-book hegemony. The publishing world is getting ugly as traditional and new media collide, and it’s gonna get worse before it gets better.

Alexander McQueen’s death left me shocked, then sad, then confused, then kinda pissed. Why? Is it ever really that bad?

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  • Alicia

    February 12, 2010 at 8:37 pm

    It can be that bad, babe. It really can.

    Great link roundup! I like yours. Entertaining and mostly informative. YAY!