Changing (style) direction
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Changing (style) direction

For the past several seasons, fashion has been all about tough-girl grunge chic, replete with biker-inspired leather and spikes. “We’re in a recession for chrissakes!” everyone exclaimed. Cue the shaggy hair, kohl-encircled eyes, and slashed and shredded clothing that looked like it barely survived the apocalypse; all finished off with four-inch platform stripper heels.

NYFW, Fall 2009

It makes me tired thinking about it, and I’m a pretty hardcore strong-willed bitchy type. Maintaining such a defensive stance is exhausting!  Shoot, even Xena had her vulnerable moments.

All the leather and bleaching and shredding was fun for a while, but now I’m thinking it would be nice to feel pretty, instead of pretty tough. I’m ready for something softer, and while I’m not necessarily looking to drape myself in mountains of florals and bows and pastel ruffles (though it worked for Chloe Sevigny), it would be nice not to feel like I’m an armored truck heading into combat 24/7.

Soft and pretty on the red carpet at the 2010 Golden Globes

Light and feminine on the Resort ’10 runways

Some days, yes, I will be in Power Bitch mode just because sometimes I wake up in the takin’ names and kickin’ butt mindset.  Other times, though, it would be nice to dress in a way that conveys more vulnerability–not necessarily weakness, but…openness. All the hardcore fashion feels a little closed off, which is understandable in times of hardship when you need increased protection from the uncertainties of life. While things are still pretty uncertain (when aren’t they?), I’m exhausted. I’m ready for a change in direction.

Um, let’s keep the stripper shoes, please.