A very Cincy weekend
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A very Cincy weekend

Last weekend was the first relatively nice one (read: no snow, temperatures above freezing) in a while, and even though I wasn’t feeling too hot, I was determined to enjoy it. I might have overdone it a bit…

On Friday, I headed further down Main Street after work to check out the mayhem that is the Bockfest Parade. It didn’t disappoint: goats and kilts and general drunken craziness proved to be pretty darn entertaining! Afterwards, I pointed out the Shepard Fairey mural on the corner of 13th and Main to FriendBoy, and we headed over to Lavomatic for a bite to eat.

Saturday morning, I headed down to a still very cold Fountain Square to kick off the Cinciditarod, a race (loosely) based on the similarly-named Iditarod. I volunteered to be a judge for the food and drink part of the challenge, which entailed each team consuming 5 burritos and 5 drinks from a roving Senor Roy’s Taco Patrol as quickly as possible.

I am only slightly ashamed to say that I got a  huge, slightly perverse kick out of seeing everyone from the Oompa Loompas to the Super Mario Brothers to streakers to Devo chasing down a taco truck in the middle of downtown!

On Saturday night I stopped by the Cincinnati Fashion Week logo launch party at Mynt to check out the scene and say hello to event founder Nathan (top left) and his crew of organizers (bottom left). I also ran into Ashley, a designer and model I recognized from Lookbook.nu, of all places. The internets lead to some weird connections, no?

Unfortunately, my relatively new camera literally slipped off the strap and crashed to the cement as I was walking to the bar, leaving the lens damaged and nearly reducing me to tears in the middle of a parking lot. So my pictures turned out blurry and I have to shell out $200 for another lens. Great.

What did you do last weekend? Any plans for the upcoming one?

  • 5chw4r7z

    March 10, 2010 at 10:44 am

    At the end of the parade I saw you standing on the opposite side of Main St from me. We had two more events to go Friday night or I would have ran over and said hi.
    Didn’t see you Saturday on Fountain Square though, but that place was jammed wasn’t it?
    Bummer about the camera, I’ve never been as stressed in my life as I am when my camera is broke.

    • tamia

      March 14, 2010 at 12:03 pm

      Yeah, the Square was crazy that day. I might’ve accidentally headed to Saks to look around before the awards started.

      I’m using the camera fiasco as an excuse to upgrade my lens, so (hopefully) it’s all good.