Dernier week-end
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Dernier week-end

Last weekend, I:

Indulged my cupcake craving

I’d been feenin’ for a mini-cake all week, and when we stopped at ForkHeartKnife for dinner, there was a plate of vanilla cupcakes right there at the front counter.  I picked the one with the most icing and started eating it before I even ordered dinner.

Rode my bike 4.5 miles

Saturday morning, I set out with the goal of making it to Northside and back. I got a little lost along the way (because I always get lost), but I made it!

Bought a new desk chair

After weeks of sore shoulders and an aching back, I bit the bullet and headed to IKEA for a new desk chair. I had to walk through a 2.2 mile maze of room displays, household items, screaming kids to get it (there’s gotta be a shortcut), but I think it was worth the trouble. It’s amazing what a little lower lumbar support can do for a girl.

Remembered how much I love my hair

I was watching Esperanza Spalding and admiring her cloud of fuzzy coils when I remembered, “Wait–my hair does that.” YESSS!

What did you do last weekend?