Tumblr Tuesday: Rap names + blanket forts
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Tumblr Tuesday: Rap names + blanket forts

I’m not sure if Michelle Harper’s outfit is a dress over harem pants or a jumpsuit, but whatever it is, I NEED IT; The Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names will either increase your understanding of hip-hop culture or confuse the heck out of you, but it’s totally worth it either way; I swear I’ve wanted an upstairs-to-downstairs slide in my house since I was 8–see mom, it is possible; loving this brightly colored, erotic-ish pen and watercolor art; Surfer chicks in bright bikinis make summer seem not-so-far-away; I’ve built some pretty fabulous blanket forts in my day (including one that took up the better part of my babysitter’s garage), but nothing like this.

There’s even more inspiration over at stylesample.tumblr.com!