Photo Diary: Azucar Weekend
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Photo Diary: Azucar Weekend

Last weekend, I:

Fell in love with a jacket (yes, AGAIN) at Brush Factory; “worked” at PopShop and got my sugar rush on eating salted caramels, birthday cake fudge, AND a fried Snickers bar; checked out the Final Friday happenings up and down Main Street; got sick and spent the better part of Saturday on the couch; recovered in time for an hour-long bike ride by the river on Sunday morning; and cooked–then ate–an entire pot of spaghetti.

How was your weekend?

  • Kasmira

    August 29, 2011at8:24 am Reply

    Oh, man, that birthday cake fudge was GOOD! I ate a piece for breakfast on Sunday with lots of coffee.

    • tamia

      August 30, 2011at7:38 am Reply

      I know! I may or may not have bought two more bags at the end of the night…and finished them both by the following morning.

  • Tamu

    August 29, 2011at4:12 pm Reply

    What, no picture of the fudge?! You can’t tease us with birthday cake fudge and not show it. ;-}

    • tamia

      August 30, 2011at7:37 am Reply

      I swear I wanted to take a picture, but every time the fudge got near me, it disappeared! It was the weirdest thing… 😉

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