Tumblr Tuesday: Coogi Art and Lacy Boots
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Tumblr Tuesday: Coogi Art and Lacy Boots

Coogi art–yes, art made from old Coogi sweaters–seems like a good way to make the most of an, um, unfortunate situation; Mirrored walls always remind me of my childhood home; Lace ankle boots seem delicate and fierce at the same time; I’m slightly obsessed with the way perfume atomizers make even the messiest vanities (ahem, MINE) seem sophisticated; I love that this editorial recalls the days when Linda Evangelista’s ever-changing hair color was front page news; I know it’s extremely immature of me, but I REALLY want this umbrella.

 Find more creative inspiration at stylesample.tumblr.com!

  • Blog da Miss

    January 10, 2012at5:23 pm Reply

    I also really want that umbrella! Loved the blog!

  • Tamu

    January 10, 2012at7:11 pm Reply

    Those lace boots are gorgeous! And owning a Coogi sweater is an unfortunate situation indeed. Too funny!

    • tamia

      January 16, 2012at10:46 pm Reply

      The lace boots KILL me every. single. time. I really should be rich…

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