Tumblr Tuesday: Love Tattoos and Space Invaders
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Tumblr Tuesday: Love Tattoos and Space Invaders


I’m trying to do everything without bitching but it’s SO haaaard; It takes serious fashion cojones to wear a dress over a dress, but this is how it’s DONE; No cat worth their (fur)balls would use this adorable cat bed if their human wants them to; I just need someone to dress up as a Commodore 64 to go with this Space Invaders costume; Hand tattoos seem like a bad idea, but I like the type treatment on this love tattoo ; This piece of musical witchcraft will keep you occupied for hours. HOURS.

Find more creative inspiration at stylesample.tumblr.com!

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  • chand

    November 1, 2012 at 5:25 am Reply

    a very good blog for a women who want to be in style ….. who wants to be update abt style fashion ,,,,,,,

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