Neat Idea: ShopStoree
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Neat Idea: ShopStoree

Cincinnati Shopping

So this seems pretty neat: brings a bit of the in-store experience to online shopping by showing you each shop’s merchandise in it’s natural retail habitat. The visuals are the trick here: the interior of each store (not just individual products) is shown via a series of colorful, inviting photos. Hovering over the black dots that appear on the images brings up the details (designer, price, etc.) of each piece–which you can then order.

Cincinnati shopping

I love the idea, though making sure the pictures keep up with the ever-changing assortment of merchandise might be a challenge. If they could just do this for EVERY SINGLE STORE IN THE GREATER CINCINNATI AREA, my job/life* would be so much easier!

*Should I be worried that I recognized every Cincy-based shop and a fair amount of the merchandise on sight? It’s like my brain has become a really faulty shopping catalog…