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Style // Back to Basics

There are times when I get so caught up in the newest-latest-greatest spin that I go a little overboard with the shopping. It’s especially easy to do during the holidays, but once the new year (and budgeting resolutions) hit, it becomes obvious that more isn’t always more, and quality far outweighs quantity.

No doubt there will always be gaps to fill, but in reality, I have pretty much everything I need in the wardrobe department. I’ll never have everything I WANT–let’s not get carried away–but these basics will always be the building blocks of my look:

Cincinnati fashion stylist
1. Gold hoop earrings are always classic, always appropriate. I will inevitably lose one and hang on to the other in denial for at least a month before buying a replacement pair.

2. This Alexander Wang blazer (bought on sale via The Outnet) has saved my outfit from schlumpy territory on more than one occasion.

3. I bought this mixed metal cuff bracelet on a whim while thrift shopping over 10 years ago, and wear it almost daily. Crazy ROI.

4. Back in college, I splurged on these Marc by MJ jeans because I had a store credit at Saks. They’ve been with me ever since–those whiskers were earned, folks.

5. These black Belle Sigerson Morrison booties were one of my first serious purchases (via Zappo’s, no less!) when I got my first real job after college.

6. I was never really into scarves before I got my hands on this flocked Leigh & Luca version several years ago, but it opened the floodgates for a slight obsession.

7. Can’t go wrong with a hipster-approved American Apparel tri-blend deep V t-shirt.

8. Another college-era thrift store find, this skinny little snakeskin belt goes surprisingly well with just about everything I own.

9. I bought this little patent leather bag from a street vendor in Paris when I was seventeen. For nostalgia’s sake, it ain’t goin’ nowhere!

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