The Evolution Will Not Be Televised
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The Evolution Will Not Be Televised

Every now and then I do something that reminds me how much I absolutely LOVE fashion. This week, it was the Friends of Fashion fundraiser/Cameron Silver book signing at Evolution. I knew about Evolution (and the brilliant STIFF UPPER lip), and LA-based vintage shop Decades is legendary so of course I was excited to meet special guest Cameron Silver, but I encountered something else there: a sense of belonging.


What fashion lover wouldn’t delight in the chance to swan around a gorgeous penthouse studio filled with vintage Mugler and Moschino and McQueen, to have semi-intellectual discussions about the controversy that initially surrounded Dior’s New Look, to talk to someone who not only knows who Haider Ackermann is, but casually wears his designs? I felt like I’d found my tribe.


I had a weird moment with a cherry-red vintage Chanel coat when I instinctively hugged it like a long lost friend. To feel such affection for an inanimate object seems ridiculous (and rightfully so), but I guess that’s what happens when you’re truly enamored, surrounded by what you love…and maybe a little tipsy on wine and margaritas.