Shopping // Lace is for Lovers
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Shopping // Lace is for Lovers

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I’m not really the fancy underwear type, at least not any more. I worked at Victoria’s Secret when I was in college and managed to amass an impressive collection of lace and satin and mesh delicates in every color of the rainbow. They were mostly uncomfortable and definitely impractical.

A few years ago, I got rid of pretty much everything that wasn’t cotton or lace and didn’t fit into my black, gray, and red color scheme. The upside: my bra and panties always match (yay!). The downside: not a lot of excitement (boo!). So when Adore Me offered me the chance to choose a free set, I figured why not?

I’m here for comfort and color coordination, so I chose a red lacy Ryanne bralette (underwires are the devil) and panty set. For now, my lingerie strategy is still on track.

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