Newsletters are New Again
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Newsletters are New Again

best newsletters

It seems antiquated in the age of the FaceChats and InstaTweets, but e-newsletters are experiencing a surprising resurgence. Much like the rebirth of podcasts, a new wave of emailed infotainment has come to take over our inboxes. While the format hasn’t changed significantly since the days of OGs like DailyCandy (RIP), a well executed newsletter provides welcome relief from the usual bill notifications and cash-strapped Nigerian princes. A few of my current favorites:

Tomorrow Looks Bright
This curated newsletter highlights creative projects from Black women around the globe, and manages to make Sunday evenings from lightly dread-inducing to highly inspirational.

The Skimm
When you need to know what’s going on in the world but didn’t wake up in time for NPR Morning Edition, The Skimm has you covered. This daily newsletter is delivered first thing in the morning and breaks down everything from the European refugee crisis to Beyonce’s latest surprise album. It’s like talking to a really well-informed friend.

Focused on exploring race with provocative reporting and discussion Race/Related began as a Black History Month experiment from the New York Times. Sent every other week, this journalist-curated newsletter is one of the most thoughtfully executed I’ve seen.

Of a Kind
Come for the designer edition releases, stay for the hilariously playful insights of Of a Kind founders Erica and Claire. If you need something to listen to, no worries: they host a fun podcast, too!

Another Round
BFF-worthy Another Round podcast hosts Tracy and Heben send their favorite articles, videos, and more via a weekly email. It’s like getting silly yet awesome group texts from your closest girlfriends.

Curated Creatives
Shameless plug alert: Curated Creatives is my weekly newsletter highlighting Cincinnati creatives I’m not able to talk to on the podcast, but who are still doing awesome things in and around the Queen City. From floral designers to indie bakers to app developers, these are the people and projects worth knowing about. Sign up here!