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Style // Black & White & Sweat All Over

Cincinnati fashion stylist blog

It’s hot out hurr, but leave it to me to sweat my way through the heat wave in my favorite color combo and bracelet-as-choker contraption.

I picked up this breezy little top on sale at Sloane, and guys, the sales right now are INSANE. Now is the time to shop for the trendy little pieces you couldn’t convince yourself to invest in at full price, or that high end item you couldn’t really afford otherwise. Most stores are in the process of making room for their first shipments of Fall merchandise, which usually start arriving between late July and early August. It’s only polite to help them clear out some space, no?

Cincinnati fashion stylist blog

I’ve picked a few of my favorite sale items* below. Now go forth and shop it like it’s hot before everything is gone!

*These are affiliate links, which
means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission.

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