Fall is not my favorite season, but the fashion helps
Fall is no longer my favorite season, but the fashion helps.
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Fall is not my favorite season, but the fashion helps

A lot of people think Fall is the best season. Those people are straight up wrong.

Fall is the gateway drug that attempts to lure you into the overcast drudgery of Winter; Spring brings similarly mild temperatures and the promise of carefree Summer days ahead. Therefore, Spring is clearly the best season. Don’t @ me.

Bringin’ the boots back!

Nevertheless, I’ve been looking forward to boot-and-sweater season after months of stepping outside into scorching temperatures and humid, soupy air. Even though I dread the frozen precipitation and days shrouded in darkness lurking just around the corner, I figure I may as well take advantage of Fall’s styling opportunities, including over-the-knee boots and my favorite military jacket.

“Donated” jacket, skirt from Pistil Vintage, Steve Madden boots, thrifted clutch and belt

Gotta focus on the silver lining of those cold grey clouds, right?

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