Me and Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith is the oxford of my dreams.
oxfords, flat shoes for women
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Me and Mr. Smith

GUYS. I’ve been desperately searching for a new pair of shoes to add to my current flats-focused collection. Yes, flats: your girl walks, I can’t do heels all day.

Enter The Office of Angela Scott, where I was introduced to one Mr. Smith, the oxford of my dreams. I immediately swiped right.

His qualifications are solid:

  • Cool details like the stripe that goes all the way around the sole? Check.
  • A company founded by a female designer who understands the collective power of women and the importance of thoughtful construction? Check and check.

If you’re a fan of flats/menswear-inspired style/hella dope shoes, I HIGHLY encourage you to check out The Office of Angela Scott. Head to their site and let me know your favorite style!

This post is in collaboration with The Office of Angela Scott. I received product in exchange for content.