Photo Diary // Gold Rolexes and Beer Wench Wannabes

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Lately, I’ve been:

1// Hanging out at polo matches pretending to know about horses, even though my equine knowledge is limited to reading Black Beauty in elementary school and that one Sweet Valley Twins book when Elizabeth was jealous of Lila’s horse.

2// Trying on ridiculously expensive timepieces. Who is out here buying $26K watches? And how can I be down?

3// Running around to photo shoots, photo shoots, and more photo shoots. Everybody at every shop in Cincinnati is supremely tired of seeing my face.

4// Pretending to kind of know stuff about football so I can see how it feels to wear a helmet. I have a huge head, so…yeah, it hurts.

5// Being a terrible beer wench/faux cover model and wishing for the 3,886th time that I was more photogenic. Ugh.

6// Enjoying concerts in the park and using said concerts as an excuse to get gelato from Dojo’s truck. Favorite combos include mint + Mexican vanilla and apricot cinnamon +  salted caramel (which tastes like a pumpkin spice latte). YUM.

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Style // Going Boho

There are times when I feel less “structured Zara” and more “flowy Free People.” On those days, it feels best to mix dressy vintage with random casual wear like this surprisingly cohesive beaded skirt and graphic tee combo.

Fashion stylist blog Anthropologie tee, vintage skirt, bag from the BX, Charlotte Russe sandals, random jewelry I’ve had for years, old prescription glasses I had tinted

Sidenote: I always forget I have this belt, which I bought at one of those tourist-y cowboy shops while on vacation in Tennessee a few years ago. The belts all come super long so they can cut them down to your waist size (maybe a custom fit is important if you’re a herding cattle all day?), but I decided to leave it at its original length so I could wrap it around twice. Depending on how much gelato I’ve eaten, that may or may not be a realistic option.

A few tips for pulling off a boho-ish look:

  • Stick to a neutral color palette. Muted colors are calming, and this is definitely a relaxed look.
  • Speaking of relaxed, stay away from anything too restrictive. You should be able to move like a dancing wind puppet at a car lot.
  • This is the perfect opportunity to play around with accessories: feel free to pile on the necklaces and bracelets and rings and whatever else feels good.


Style // On the Run

I’ve been doing a lot of running around for the past few weeks due to several back-to-back photo shoots for Cincinnati Magazine’s October issue and our special style-focused SHOPS publication. If it’s 70+ degrees and I’m going to be scouting or doing pickups and returns, I’ve developed sort of a uniform: some variation of cotton tank + pencil skirt + sandals.

Fashion stylist blog Zara top, ASOS skirt, Jeffrey Campbell booties (I’d forgotten about the Ugly Shoes!)

It’s cool, it’s comfy, and it’s almost-but-not-quite the equivalent of pajamas–perfect for climbing in and out of the car* and dashing from shop to shop, while trying to keep the sweatfunk to a minimum.


In other news, I’ve been wrestling (wrasslin’?) with a weird tech issue on this site, where individual post and page links return a 404 Page Not Found error. I apologize if you’ve run into this, but I’ve searched the googlenets for answers, played around with the site code, and made numerous calls to my hosting service, all to no avail. So, instead of waiting ’til the problem is fixed to start posting again, I’m just gonna pretend all is well and go on about my blogging business. I was also having an email issue that I think I resolved(!), but all this DIY tech support is giving me a headache!
*Is there a realistic, ladylike way to get out of a car in a skirt? My car sits low and I’m pretty sure I’ve flashed 90% of the city at this point.

Photo Diary // European Vacation

A few years ago, FriendBoy (remember him?) moved to Poland and I promised to visit someday. Well, someday happened last week and I have to say, it was the best trip EVER.

fashion travel blog

Wandering the hallowed halls of Wroclaw University; the city is dotted with amusing little gnome statues; running through Market Square; my super-modern apartment; trying the local brew (beer is gross, so it was terrible)

My apartment in Wroclaw was in the ‘hood, but the flat itself was fantastic. I found it through Airbnb and highly recommend the service–just do your research, read the reviews, and contact the host before you request the booking. I had the entire apartment (and the crazy shower with  multiple sprays and rainforest showerhead) all to myself and it really was my home away from home.

fashion travel blog

Roaming the streets of Krakow; stopping for tea in the Jewish Quarter; Krakow’s Grand Square; obligatory (and yummy!) pierogies; the Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul

We took a day trip to Krakow, which was bigger, more crowded, and absolutely beautiful. We explored the heart of the city, climbed up towers and down into caves at Wawel Royal Castle, and roamed the streets of the Jewish Quarter, which was probably my favorite area. Why? Because between all of the young couples, hipsters riding bikes, historical architecture, and the laid-back vibe, it reminded me of Over-the-Rhine!

After a few days in Poland, I boarded a bus (the PolskiBus actually, operated by the same good folks who run the MegaBus) and headed to Prague. I arrived around 6pm local time, and stepping onto the Old Town Square in Prague was like stepping onto a movie set. There was music, dancing, grand buildings, shops, restaurants, people everywhere–it was almost like a carnival!

fashion travek blog

Climbing the hill to Prague Castle; looking up at St. Vitus Church; a view of the city and Charles Bridge; carb lovers rejoice–there’s bread everywhere; the changing of the guard at the castle

One of the best things about Prague was the people I met there: people from Australia, Wales, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Mexico, Austria, Israel, and of course, other Americans. We had dinner together, bonded over drinking games and late night Mickey D’s, and shared travel tales (apparently everyone in the world gets more vacation than we do in the US). As far as the locals, these folks know how to party: bars don’t close ‘til 5 or 6am, and there’s no such thing as last call. There were several times when I went to bed as the sun was coming up!

So, in summary: history, culture, urban exploration, new friends, all night parties, and a lifetime of memories. Best trip EVER.

Blue is the Warmest

cincinnati fashion stylist blog

Wore this out to an impromptu dinner necessitated by the fact that my fridge is currently running on empty. I’d actually been wanting to wear these pants because 1. They’re comfy as hell 2. They’re high-waisted enough to conceal the result of eating gelato and pizza and cake (oh my!) all weekend.

cincinnati fashion stylist blog Thrifted pants, cuffs, and clutch, Moda International top, Steven heels, Hats in the Belfry straw fedora, Lily in Flux pendant necklace, Forever21 earrings

Full disclosure: I hardly ever wear this top because it’s always a bit of a dilemma what type of bra (if any) to wear with it–my strapless bras show in the back, and those stick-on-cup things can’t withstand the, um, moisture generated by 86-degree, 90% humidity days. Feel free to throw any suggestions for boob-restraints my way if you have ‘em.


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