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Can you believe it’s been a whole year since we started Thread Cincinnati? We’re extremely grateful for all the support we’ve received since we started this new adventure, so in honor of the quickly-approaching Valentine’s Day, we want to spoil one of our readers with a gift!

fashion blogger giveaway

Use the rafflecopter below to enter to win the coveted + blogger-favorite Clare Vivier leopard clutch, a gorgeous Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace, and a L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Lip Color! We really appreciate all of our readers and want to say thank you for following along.  Good luck!

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The Creative City Podcast is Coming Soon!


I’ve never considered myself much of a talker–I already know what I think, so I’m much more interested in what other people have to say–but my job as a Stylist means I’m regularly talking to creative types about their businesses, their projects, and their motivation. Which is fascinating.

I get to have amazing conversations with entrepreneurs, designers, publicists, retailers, makers, and more, and I love to share their stories. The problem is, I’m a terrible storyteller. Like, horrible. I forget names, dates, locations…pretty much everything that makes a tale worth telling.

But what if I recorded those conversations? Then I could share them with anyone who wants to listen in, and let folks tell their stories in their own words!

With that, the Creative City podcast was born. A series of 10 episodes featuring people I know and like chatting about their interests, their lives, and all the fun that comes with being part of the creative class. I recorded my first interview last night and had a blast!

I’m a huge fan of podcasting (I even shared some of my favorites), so if you are too, sign up for the mailing list at to be the first to know when the show goes live. I still have to figure out exactly how all the technical nonsense works, but I’m planning to release the first episode in February. I hope you’ll listen in!

6 Ways I’m Fighting the Winter Blues

It’s been blessedly, unseasonably warm, but I can feel the winter blues setting in. Anyone who’s spent a January or two north of the Mason-Dixon line can attest to the mild depression that permeates the cold-weather months: it’ dark when you get up and when you get home, there’s no real reason to do anything except camp on the couch with hot cocoa and Netflix, and the idea of subjecting your poor, innocent body to the cold/wind/snow outside just seems cruel. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a thing, and the struggle is REAL.

Since I know what to expect, I’m putting together a plan to (hopefully!) mitigate some of the ill effects that make me stabby from January through early April:

Roasted brussels sprouts are quick and tasty

Roasted brussels sprouts are quick and tasty

1. Eat well

It’s so tempting to hunker down in bed with a pint of Haagen Dazs, but I know that will make me feel worse in the long run. When I’m too lazy to do any real cooking (aka always) roasted veggies and hearty soups are easy to make and let me control what I’m putting into my body. I also rely on hot ginger tea and matcha for a dose of warmth and energy!


2. Take up an indoor hobby

I already know anything that requires me to be outside for more than two minutes is a no-go, so I’m planning to stay indoors and practice calligraphy. I get bored easily, so I need an actual project: I’ve decided to design a poster with a short, meaningful saying.

3. Get a happy light

I’ve been meaning to get one of these for years, but thanks to a little research and Amazon Prime, I’m finally making good. These lights imitate the natural sunlight missing during the winter months and are good for improving mood, energy, and concentration.

Bring on the inversions!

Bring on the inversions!

4. Exercise

It’s too cold out to run or cycle, so right now I’m really only interested in doing yoga. Most yoga studios keep the temperature between 80-85 degrees (90-117 if it’s hot yoga) so it’s nice and toasty; plus the focus on breathing and balance helps clear my mind. To stay motivated, I set specific goals: I love inversions and arm balancing asanas, so I’m working on mastering scorpion pose.

5. Get outta town

For me, a change of scenery and a trip to warmer climes is the best way to physically and mentally recharge. I will go anywhere the temperature hits 60+ degrees, so I’m planning a trip south next month.

6. Forgive my “bad days”

At some point I’ll likely give in to the ice cream, skip yoga to get an extra 45 minutes of sleep, or be in a pissy mood for no real reason. And that’s okay. I’m an imperfect human, not an unfeeling machine, and things don’t always go as planned. No biggie–tomorrow is a new day!

How are you keeping it together this winter? Any advice is appreciated!

Work // 2015 Portfolio Faves

The end of the year is prime time for lazy blogger round-ups, so I’m taking full advantage of that and presenting a list of some of my favorite styling work from the past year:

Lady of the Hour (Cincinnati Wedding, Winter 2015)

cincinnati wedding stylist blog

Photos: Annette Navarro

Favorite because: The noon look (that hat!) and the pink leather jacket + feathered gown combo on the cover are right up my alley. I would totally get married in a nontraditional getup like that.

Vintage Ceramics (Cincinnati HOME 2015)

cincinnati prop stylist blog

Photo: Aaron Conway

Favorite because: I wrote the story in addition to styling the opener, so it was nice to get the inside scoop on the pieces we photographed.

Excessorize (Cincinnati SHOPS 2015)

cincinnati fashion stylist

Photos: Jeremy Kramer

Favorite because: Working with local jewelry designers and milliners gave me an opportunity to show some love to extremely talented Cincinnati creatives, and I’m always down for that.

Libby Summer 2015 Lookbook

Photo: Claudia Hershner

Photo: Claudia Hershner

Favorite because: Working with friends like Claudia and the Thread babes is always a blast, and I was astonished at how much easier it is to pull from ONE shop versus the 5-10 I’m usually working with. Plus I’m a bit of a control freak, so having a say in all parts of the creative was an exhilarating challenge.

All Grown Up (Baby Guide 2015)

Photo: Annette Navarro

Photo: Annette Navarro

Favorite because: The kids were freakin’ adorable and so fun to work with. Fun fact: Sophia’s floral dress on the cover is a $350 Dolce & Gabbana number, which she promptly spit up on. Because being a fashion stylist also means being an amateur dry cleaner.

Summer of Love (Cincinnati Wedding Summer 2015)

cincinnati wedding stylist blog

Photo: Annette Navarro

Favorite because: I loved pulling jewelry and accessories from local shops like Continuum and designers like Rock Salt Vintage. Jewelry is ridiculously hard to keep track of on set, but playing around and putting it all together is a blast.

Frieda’s Macarons (Cincinnati Magazine, April 2015)

cincinnati creative direction

Photo: Anna Jones/OMS Photography

Favorite because: Do I even need to say why? Actually, I will say one thing: Monster Macaron AKA when you stack 10 macarons of various flavors then smash them down to take a bite. I never said I was mature.

Be sure to let me know which one is your favorite!

My Must-Have Makeup Faves

I love the idea of makeup–transformation, enhancement, etc.–but am usually pretty lazy about actually using it. My daily routine is pretty simple: I make sure my skin looks good, my lashes are curled, and hurriedly swipe on a lip stain as I’m rushing out the door. Sometimes I’ll do a red lip or a basic cat eye, but these are the products I manage to use regularly:

fashion stylist blog makeup must haves

1 > YSL Touch Eclat in 6.5 | I have ridiculously dark under-eye circles, and I’ve convinced myself that this makes a difference. Mostly I like that the pretty gold tube makes me feel fancy.

2 > Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Deep | Honestly, I use this because Maybelline was one of the ONLY brands to make a BB cream for brown skin when they first became popular in the US. Even MAC didn’t make one at the time! Sometimes I mix in a little aloe vera gel for a dewy finish.

3 > Sephora powder brush | I use this to apply bronzer–it fits nicely in the spot just underneath my cheekbones.

4 > NYX cream blush in Orange CB09 | I’ve gotten into cream blush lately, as it blends more seamlessly with my BB cream. I use this when I want a modern coral-y flush.

5 > NYX eyebrow pencil in Medium Brown | I am 100% against Instagram brows, but I do like my arches to look groomed. I use the pencil to fill in the tail and any bald patches.

6 > L’Oreal Voluminous Smoldering eyeliner in Brown | I’m terribly imprecise when it comes to liner, and this was literally made for smudging.

7 > Love My Eyes sharpener | A sharp point is key, especially for brow pencils.

8 > Shu Uemura eyelash curler | It’s supposed to be the best, and I drank the Kool Aid. To be fair, it does do a better job than the drugstore curler I keep in my gym bag.

9 > Clinique Mascara brush | I use this to brush and shape my eyebrows, and I have several. Real talk: Clinique’s disposable brushes are DA BEST, so when you go to Sephora or Ulta be sure to grab a few.

10 > DiorShow Blackout Waterproof | It costs a grip, but this is the mascara that makes the most difference.

11 > Guerlain Terracotta bronzing powder in 07 | I bought my first Guerlain bronzer when I was in middle school, after reading that the editor of Essence Magazine recommended it. I use it as a combination contour/bronzer to add color and definition.

12 > Sonia Kashuk Duofibre brush #115 | Blending is key to natural-looking makeup, so I do a final buff with this brush once everything is on and poppin’.

13 > Clinique Chubby Stick in Roly Poly Rosy | One of my favorite makeup artists gave this to me after a shoot, and I love it. I use this in place of the NYX cream blush when I want a pink-y romantic flush.


What are your favorites? Are there any magical life-changing products I should know about?

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