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Sometimes I feel like I’m living multiple blog lives. I’ve been running around doing interviews, taking pictures, and posting content 4-5 times per week–just not here. That blogging takes place over at and, but I want to share all the nonsense I talk about there with y’all, too!

An unexpectedly cool event at The Renaissance downtown

An unexpectedly cool event at The Renaissance downtown

A lot of it is really fun: Recently, I went to a bridal fashion show at a historical mansion, got a sneak peak at the sexy 50 Shades of Grey-themed popup shop (yes, there were leather handcuffs), cheered on fellow stylists and friends Brock and Marsha at their new studio, and indulged in a chili dog bar at a surprisingly fun wedding event. Just this week I spent a day surrounded by yummy macarons and had lunch with vintage fashion expert Cameron Silver (we homies now)!

Pure Romance's sexy popup shop, Coochy included

Pure Romance’s sexy popup shop

While I cross-post over at Style Scout every now and then, it’s just not feasible to post everything on multiple sites every time. The easiest way to keep up is to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to the Style Scout newsletter so we can stay in touch more often. I’ll see you there!

Photo Diary// Mexican Sunsets and Doughboy Friends

Hey there! Here’s a little bit of what I’ve been up to lately:

Trying the ski thang. Fine, we only went tubing but it still counts!

Reflecting. #yoga #poolside #anotherdayinparadise

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Making puffy new friends:

I make dough, but don’t call me Doughboy #checkyoself #icecubewisdom #cmsweetvictory

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Going away to Mexico! Oh, how I miss soft sea breezes and doing yoga in the sun:

Oh, good morning. ☕️#warmbreezes #thisisnototr

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Reflecting. #yoga #poolside #anotherdayinparadise

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Indulging in some snowstorm-induced fried chicken consumption. Really, I had no choice:

The only legit reason to leave the house today #friedchicken #eateverything #thisisotr

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Oh, and remember that giveaway a few weeks ago? Well, I got together with a group of local style bloggers and we created Thread Cincinnati, a cool site that aggregates our posts (one stop reading, anyone?).We’re also working on some fun events and collaborations, so check out and stay tuned!

#TBT to The Designing Life, 80’s Fashion at its Finest


There’s not much I love more than authentic vintage fashion. Something about the history, the stories, the nostalgia, the what-were-they-thinking excites me and makes me wonder what about today’s styles will look absolutely ridiculous in 10 years’ time.

The colors, the patterns, the accessories are all too much yet somehow juuust right.

The colors, the patterns, the accessories are all too much yet somehow juuust right.

The cut of this jacket is giving me everything I never knew I needed.

The cut of this jacket is giving me everything I never knew I needed.

So when Cincinnati Magazine’s Managing Editor brought me a book from her archives called The Designing Life—published by W Magazine in 1987—all it took was one flip through the pages and I was obsessed. Take a look at these photos exploring the professional and private lives of 14 major fashion designers from Karl Lagerfeld (always a character) to Donna Karan (described as a “young talent”) and tell me you’re not into it, too:

Yves St Laurent had a penchant for bright color
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If you’re looking for vintage locally, I recommend Evolution, Hi Bred, NVISION, Casablanca, Chicken Lays An Egg, and Talk of the Town. You’ll also love the Rudi Gernreich exhibit coming to the Cincinnati Art Museum at the end of the month.

Now go forth and get your vintage on!

Current Obsession // Block Print Scarves

cincinnati fashion stylist blog

Y’all know I love a good blanket-scarf (aka blarf). Oversized scarves can sometimes come across as pretentious–I blame the French–but for me, they’re a necessity. I can’t explain how or why, but if my neck gets cold, I’m guaranteed to be sick within 48 hours. It sounds ridiculous, but I swear it never fails.

One day while researching travel communities, I came across Taarik scarves and was instantly transfixed. The bold block prints, the bright colors, and the background story just happen to be everything I want/need/love right now. BlockShop Textiles, with its similar helping-local-communities angle and geometric styling, also hits the sweet spot.

More Scarves!

Style // #BossBitch

fashion stylist blog Black-Leather-2 fashion stylist blog Vintage skirt from Portaluca, H&M turtleneck, Jamawar shawl/blarf, Guess boots, Gucci belt

Inspired by the ‘70s vibe on the runways, I added yet another vintage leather pencil skirt to my already gratuitous collection of vintage leather pencil skirts. Paired with a simple black turtleneck, black boots, and gold-accented accessories, this combination has #bossbitch written all over it.



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