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What do you do when you’ve founded a successful denim line and want to create something to help American factories while producing affordably priced sustainable fashion? You launch a line of athletic wear, that’s what.

The husband and wife duo behind Cincinnati-based Noble Denim is jumping headfirst into the athleisure market with Victor Athletics, a line of comfy sweatshirts, sweatpants, and tees made with organic cotton and manufactured in Tennessee. Following an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign, Chris and Abby Sutton opened the first Victor Athletics storefront on Republic Street in Over-the-Rhine last Saturday.

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It’s fun to see how the spare, straightforward aesthetic represented on their Instagram translates into a retail shop: artfully packaged Le Baigneur soaps (one is charmingly named Amuse Douche) and Earth Tu Face skincare products share shelf space with cozy loungewear in basic gray, black, cream, and blue.

Just inside the entrance is a glass-enclosed room filled with industrial machinery, where spools of thick thread, various cutting and measuring tools, and rolls of material line the walls. The machines look pretty hard core, and the idea is that the “theater” will allow shoppers to see part of the manufacturing process in action.

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The popular heritage feel that’s permeated indie fashion for the past few years was in full force at Saturday’s opening, with Bulleit’s whiskey-mobile holding court outside and custom Noble Denim x Bulleit candles lighting the shop crowded with Noble enthusiasts and OTR regulars. Victor is clearly a winner, just in time for the holiday season.

Victor Athletics, 1405 Republic Street, Over-the-Rhine

Watch the #ThroneProject

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Photo by Caroline Eyer

You ever see Pinterest photos of people randomly posing on vintage furniture in the middle of a lavender field/abandoned farmhouse/city street and think “Why?” or “Who are these people?”

Well, I’ll be one of those people.

That’s thanks to the #ThroneProject, a collaboration of creative minds and beautiful places organized by Queen City Vignette, a Cincinnati event rental and design company with a vintage twist.

They’ve brought together a group of Cincinnati style bloggers (including the babes from Thread Cincinnati) to help showcase their selection of rental furniture, specifically seating: chairs, settees, couches, and anything else guests might rest their bums on at an event.

Photo by Caroline Eyer

Photo by Caroline Eyer

Photo by Caroline Eyer

Photo by Caroline Eyer

One Sunday afternoon, we all gathered at the Queen City Vintage warehouse (which also doubles as a studio when needed) to pick out our chairs and glam it up for a Vanity Fair-style photo shoot with photographers Caroline Eyer and Graham Haehnle. I may have had too much fun lounging on the fuzzy rug and practicing my best smize, but it was so fun!

Watch the #throneproject hashtag to keep up with everyone’s adventures!

Being Bené

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Y’all know I love a charitable scarf, so when Bené offered to lend the Thread gals scarves to style, I was all in. I am Bené (a play on the word benevolent) because I support educational opportunities for girls all over the world, and Bené is a line of scarves created by two best friends inspired by the spirit of young Ghanian girls and committed to providing those girls with an education. A portion of the proceeds from each sale supports the the Stay-In-School Tuition Assistance (SISTA) Program and helps pay for tuition, books, supplies and uniforms for the girls to continue their education and fulfill their dreams.

Of course, you can be Bené, too! Use the code ThreadCincy for 15% off your order at and post a pic with the hashtag #BeneBoss so we can see how you style your beautiful new scarf.

5 Tips for Public Speaking

Photo by Tim Bayer

Photo by Tim Bayer

Public speaking has dropped from #1 to #5 on the list of Americans’ top fears (it now hovers just below internet safety and random shootings), but it still makes me a little nervous. I’m getting the hang of it, though, so hosting Cincinnati Wedding magazine’s second fashion show was a lot less nerve-wracking than hosting the first. I talked about fashion trends and answered questions from attendees about everything from dress length to mother-of-the-bride etiquette. I can blather on about fashion forever, so it was actually fun!

It seems counterintuitive, but I also think being distracted helped. Running around picking out looks for eight models, schlepping everything to the venue, and dressing everyone was no easy task, but thanks to Nancy Dawson’s team at BRIDEface and stylists Michael and Hannah of Salon Concepts Oakley, hair and makeup was a breeze (seriously, they had everyone done in like an hour) and I could focus on getting everyone dressed and accessorized. Not having much time to think turned out to be a boon, as I’ve noticed that the less I worry about what I’m going to say, the easier it is to be natural and relaxed speaking in front of a crowd.

Here are five tips that help me when it comes to public speaking:

1. Talk about something you actually know

This is number one for a reason: talking about a subject you know is helpful to your audience, makes it much easier to speak off the cuff, and having fully formed ideas and opinions about your topic gives you the background to answer questions on the spot. For example, someone asked about black dresses for the bridal party and since I’m totally in favor (your wedding party will love you because they can wear those dresses again!), it was easy to respond confidently.

2. Prepare, but don’t memorize

Jot down some notes about what you want the audience to know, and if you have to specifically talk about, say, event sponsors, feel free to make a list and read from it. Otherwise, think about ideas you’d like to talk about as opposed to lines you want to say. If you’re anything like me, trying to memorize a script is just asking for trouble, because what if you forget a line?

3. Talk to one person at a time

Trying to speak to a whole room of people is daunting, but there are usually at least 2-3 friendly faces who are receptive to what you’re saying and clearly want you to do well. Try talking as if you’re having a one-on-one conversation with them, and go ahead and make eye contact provided you don’t hold it for too long.

4. Speak in your natural voice

It’s tempting to go into “newscaster mode” in front of a group, but if that’s not how you usually speak it’s just gonna sound weird. It’s perfectly okay to drop your g’s (just don’t turn into Sarah Palin) and throw in some slang if it comes naturally to you. Conversely, if you always enunciate your “ings” and have lots of $5 words in your everyday vocabulary, go with that. It’s likely you’ve been asked to speak because of your knowledge and the way you convey it, so give the people what they want!

5. Take time to pause, think, and breathe

When you’re nervous, it’s tempting to speak fast and easy to forget to breathe. Take your time! The crowd isn’t going anywhere and they want to hear what you have to say, no need to rush through it. When you notice your voice catching or getting high, it’s likely because you need to take a breath. Pausing also shows that you’re thoughtfully considering what to say next, and helps eliminate the “ums”, which are just placeholders. Use that “um” time to take a breath and think about what you’re going to say next instead.

Photo by Tim Bayer

Photo by Tim Bayer

Do you have any other helpful tips for speaking to a crowd?

Photo Diary // Bourbon Street & High Style


“I really need some cheese right now. What does that mean?”

-Twitter, Oct 28, 2015


Braving the drunken throngs on Bourbon Street during a seriously fun trip to NOLA for the Being Boss Vacay. Hanging out with cool lady entrepreneurs and partying in the street is a darn good time!


Learning tricks of the makeup trade from BRIDEface founder Nancy Dawson after hosting a fashion show at the Cincinnati Wedding magazine Wedding Workshop. I swear I’m gonna get the hang of liquid liner someday…


Obsessing over my colorful new laptop cover and Kiehl’s mango lip balm. It’s the little things, really.


Getting a sneak peek at the Cincinnati Art Museum’s High Style exhibit with the ladies of Thread Cincinnati. It took everything I had to keep my inner Fashion Nerd from completely geeking out over the vintage Lanvin and Schiaparelli and Charles James and…oh, here I go!

Speaking of Thread, I hope you’ll join us for a fun shopping party at the new Kendra Scott store next Monday, November 9th!

kendra scott flier

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