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What seemed like a neverending merry-go-round of scouting and photo shoots has borne fruit! The latest issues of Baby Guide, Cincinnati HOME, and Cincinnati Wedding magazines are out in the wild, which means you should absolutely check them out on newsstands and online.

Dressing our mini models on set. They were so cute!

Dressing our Baby Guide mini models on set. They were so cute!

I wrote several pieces for the front-of-book pages of Cincinnati HOME in addition to producing and styling shoots, so take a look and let me know what you think.

Cincinnati Wedding Summer 2015

This cover was shot on a 90-degree, 1000% humidity day in the middle of a random field at Devou Park. We were sweating with a capital S!

Speaking of Cincinnati Wedding magazine, we’re partnering with the City Flea this weekend! I selected a handful of my favorite vendors (including folks we’ve worked with on stories and photo shoots) to be part of a special wedding aisle at the July 25th flea. Stop by Washington Park between 10a-4p for inspiration and/or to say hey!

Shop Around // Atelier by AdornUSA

Atelier by AdornUSA

I’ve known about Atelier by AdornUSA for a while, but I’ve known the company’s founder, Arlene Aranzamendez, even longer. We initially met when she did some graphic design work for a company I used to work for, and have managed to keep in touch via seemingly random encounters over the years.

A few years ago, Arlene opened an online-only jewelry shop, then expanded to a small boutique in Madeira, and now has a cool spot in Hyde Park Square right above Tanya’s Image Salon. The new boutique is filled with the kind of bold, unusual pieces I can always count on finding at Atelier: crazy-colorful statement necklaces, multicolored snakeskin clutches, and all sorts of jewelry overflowing with (tasteful) bling of the highest order.

Atelier07 Atelier05 Atelier by AdornUSA

There’s a good selection of clothes, too: party dresses in bright colors, several on-trend matching sets, and a tropical print vegan leather pencil skirt I’ve had my eye on since I first visited–y’all know I’m all about tropical prints this season. They’ve even started to carry beauty products by Tokyo Milk and fragrances by the awesomely-named line Juliette Has a Gun.

Atelier06 Atelier04 Atelier by AdornUSA

Arlene has a great eye and a mind for business, and I’d love to see Atelier expand to a ground-level storefront someday. Until then, I know where to get my fix of dynamic styles that can’t be found anywhere else in the city.

Atelier by Adorn USA, 2716 Erie Avenue, 2nd floor. You can also shop online at

Meanwhile, On the Other Side of the Camera

Tiernae Salley Photography

A few months ago, Dayton-based photographer Tiernae Salley contacted me about doing some lifestyle photography to build her portfolio. I’m not a model by any means, but I’m always happy to help out fellow creatives (and self-photography is so time consuming), so we made plans for an hour-long session at New Riff Distillery.

It was so fun! I did my best Vogue imitation and preened and posed in the beautiful bar and patio area while Tiernae snapped away. She was so friendly and down-to-earth that it was hard not to gab through the entire session (which would’ve produced awful pictures), but I think we got some good ones. Let me know what you think!

  View More: Tiernae-Salley-photography Tiernae Salley Photography

Thanks, Tiernae! If you’d like to see more of her work, visit

Current Obsession // Podcast Madness

Ever since Serial blew up, there’s been a lot of talk about the explosion of the podcast. Not to sound all hipster-braggy, but I’ve been listening to podcasts since 2008, and while I still have some oldies-but-goodies (Pop Culture Happy Hour, Marketing Over Coffee, Star Talk Radio) in rotation, lately I’ve been exploring the world of entrepreneurship and lifestyle podcasts. Here are a few I’m currently obsessed with:


Being Boss

This is my favorite podcast right now, and not just because of the awesome title. Kathleen and Emily keep it real-real and share HOW they do things, from their step-by-step client onboarding process to the specific tools they use to organize their respective businesses. They’ve set up a Facebook group for creative entrepreneur types, and recently started hosting fun Twitter chats as a way for people to connect and support each other. Highly recommended.

The Lively Show

Jess Lively’s lifestyle podcast focuses on women entrepreneurs in the realm of style and design, and explores what makes them tick both personally and professionally. The current series is focused on finance and money management, including the very informative two-parter 27 Ways to Make Money

The Accidental Creative

I just started listening to The Accidental Creative, but Todd Henry’s podcast–much like the successful book of the same name–covers interesting topics like The Power of a Morning Ritual (ever noticed that people in power almost always have a morning meditation/workout routine?) and the importance of scheduling time for “deep work”.

Creative Start

While Creative Start hasn’t been updated in a few months, there are some interesting interviews with fashion designers, writers, and other makers talking about how they got their start, some of the lessons they learned, and how they nurture their creativity on a daily basis.

Hack the Entrepreneur

Jon Nastor is a lovable goofball who also happens to be a great interviewer. He asks all of his guests the same set of questions, yet still manages to dig deeper and find the unique “hack” that makes each of them successful as individuals. Hack the Entrepreneur is part of the Podcast Network, which has plenty of other shows worth checking out if you’re into digital marketing.

If I’m feeling really motivated, I listen to these at 1.5x speed and zip through 3-5 per day. It’s like having an encouraging internal voice dispensing insights and advice, which is helpful for getting in the necessary frame of mind to act like a boss.

Thread All-Star Guide: Over-the-Rhine


Shop it up in OTR!

In case you haven’t heard (where have you been? can I come?), the 2015 MLB All Star Game is right here in Cincinnati on July 14th! The fine ladies of Thread Cincinnati decided to create a guide to our favorite neighborhoods to make sure locals and out of towners alike have all the fun there is to have around these parts. I got lucky: my ‘hood happens to have some of the best places to shop, eat, and hang out. I suggest finding a parking spot at the Washington Park or Mercer Commons parking garages (or Uber-ing if that’s your thing) and continuing the rest of the journey to a few of my favorite spots on foot.


Start your shopping journey at MiCA 12/v and Sloane Boutique, the original Vine Street shopping destinations. While you’re on Vine, be sure to hit Article for rugged-hipster menswear, Continuum for indie designer clothing and accessories, Idlewild for cool-girl staples, Kit & Ace for comfy separates, and Elm & Iron for vintage-industrial decor.

Credit card still in tact? Make your way over to Main Street to check out the delicate jewelry at Libby, get some creative inspiration at Rock Paper Scissors, and pick up a gen-u-ine Ohio Against the World shirt at Original Thought Required.


OTR looooves good food. If you’re in the mood for something light, Salazar makes even the most hated cruciferous culprits into Damn Good Vegetables (and good everything else, really). If you’re feeling more indulgent, head to The Eagle for amazing fried chicken–might as well carb it up and add my favorite combo of mac and cheese, sweet potato casserole and spoonbread.

The only legit reason to leave the house today #friedchicken #eateverything #thisisotr A photo posted by thestylesample (@thestylesample) on

Speaking of chicken, the waffle and chicken (waffle comes first) at Taste of Belgium is a local favorite, and the burger at Krueger’s Tavern is like a really fancy, much tastier Big Mac. Enjoy it on the rooftop while watching the crowd below on Vine Street.

I’ve been on a pizza kick lately, so depending on my mood I’ll either dig into a calzone the size of my head at Goodfellas (I recommend eating on the shaded second floor deck, hidden from the madness of Main street) or grab a slice or two at Cincy by the Slice and head upstairs to Maudie’s to see whatever random musical act happens to be playing. Either way, it’s a good time.


Like many of my neighbors, I think of Washington Park as my backyard. Take advantage of the programming (everything from yoga to movie night) and be sure to hit the special City Flea All Star Market.

Got my rings! #jewelry #couldntresist #itsaproblem

A photo posted by thestylesample (@thestylesample) on

In the mood for some (free!) live music? Head to MOTR for a drink or six and make your way to the basement to play old school games like Pinball and Pacman.

Findlay Market is a local institution for a reason. Pick up your weekly produce (it’s much cheaper here) and sample yummy food from the likes of Velvet Smoke BBQ and Dojo Gelato while enjoying the company of the families, hipsters, and old-timers that shop here.

Ready to head south to the Central Business District? Check out Olivia’s guide to Downtown Cincinnati over at Baubles to Bubbles!

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