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I’m not really the fancy underwear type, at least not any more. I worked at Victoria’s Secret when I was in college and managed to amass an impressive collection of lace and satin and mesh delicates in every color of the rainbow. They were mostly uncomfortable and definitely impractical.

A few years ago, I got rid of pretty much everything that wasn’t cotton or lace and didn’t fit into my black, gray, and red color scheme. The upside: my bra and panties always match (yay!). The downside: not a lot of excitement (boo!). So when Adore Me offered me the chance to choose a free set, I figured why not?

I’m here for comfort and color coordination, so I chose a red lacy Ryanne bralette (underwires are the devil) and panty set. For now, my lingerie strategy is still on track.

Style // Well Coated

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As a thank you for being part of the Fall Contemporary Event, Saks offered us hosts a store credit as a sort of choose-your-own-reward. Awesome, yes, but I couldn’t decide whether to splurge on one high-end blowout piece, or get a few less expensive things that I’d wear more often. After cruising the Contemporary section 347 times and not finding exactly what I was looking for, I headed upstairs–surely everything would be too expensive, but I figured I should at least check things out.

After grazing and finding nothing in my price range, I was about to head back downstairs when my friend pointed at a coat.

“What about this?”

Cincinnati fashion stylist blog #saksstyle
Cincinnati fashion stylist blog #saksstyle

Trina Turk coat, Saks

I took a closer look: dark blue wool with black leather trim (black and navy always feels very French to me), a textured stand-up collar, and a curved hem that reminded me of a cross between The Little Prince and a Revolutionary Soldier’s uniform, all at the perfect price. Amazing. I can throw it on over pretty much anything and look at least somewhat put together, which seriously comes in handy when I’m in all-sweats-all-the-time mode.



Work // Cincinnati Wedding Winter 2015


Oh, hello there! I took a li’l break to enjoy the holidays and have since been doing a bang-up job at sticking to my resolutions to 1.) work out four times a week and 2.) eat more ice cream. I’ll keep you posted on any further updates.

In the meantime, I’m so excited to share the most recent issue of Cincinnati Wedding, which is a collection of some of my favorite shoots since working at the magazine. You should check out the full behind the scenes story here, but something about the high noon look from the Lady of the Hour feature gets me every time. I still love everything about that one.


The Winter 2015 issue is on newsstands until February 14th, so go pick up a copy now!

Shopping // Crafty New Jewels

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As predicted, I went overboard with the jewelry at Crafty Supermarket’s holiday show and bought (1) a brass and pyrite bracelet from Off the Beaten Path, (2) a Hannah Hoffman sterling and brass ring, and (3) Elaine B Jewelry silver hex hoops (which was perfectly justified because I just lost my silver hoops).

To my credit, I could have done even more damage: this Rock Salt Vintage choker and several pieces from Oceanne were calling me, and I somehow managed to resist their siren song…for now!

Style // Draped Up

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I figured I’d take advantage of the random warm-ish weather and enjoy going bare-legged for (presumably) the last time this year. Wearing one of my favorite drapey sweaters from All Saints, an imitation Helmut Lang draped skirt, Kelsi Dagger booties, feathered earrings from Morrison and Me, a combination of jewelry I picked up at thrift stores and Crafty Supermarket, and a fedora I really need to replace.

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