Fashion is Going Green!
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Fashion is Going Green!

beinggreen No, not that type of green, although conservation is a worthy endeavor in which we should all take interest!

I’m talking about the color green, which hasn’t been publicly appreciated since Kermit sang about it’s virtues. If you have skin with orange or yellow undertones (and according to cosmetics companies, this covers approximately 60% of the US population), green can work for you!

Personally, I like green because it adds color without being too obvious–it’s bright and cheerful but not blindingly so. Plus, I wanted to wear a long skirt to cover up my long johns–it’s cold here in the ‘Nati!

I added some neutrals to tone it down for a more “professional” vibe: a gray American Apparel cardigan, a black one-button blazer from Express, and black Sigerson Morrison ankle booties. Then I added some African beaded bangles and earrings for a dash of color and pattern.

Green works for me (though I’m always open to suggestions), but what works for you? Do you have a favorite color to wear? I mean a color other than black, you little fashion star!


1 Comment
  • Marian

    January 3, 2009 at 7:27 am

    you look great dear,the skirt is fab! i love all colors dear and wear them accoding to my mood.fab bangles!
    muah x