Show Nuff:Paris Fashion Week
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Show Nuff:Paris Fashion Week

shownuffparis Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have been in Paris during Fashion Week, cavorting with Carine & Co. while swigging champagne at some seedy Parisian dance club in Le Marais. Maybe I would’ve had a chance to ask Kanye what was up with his girl  Amber Rose…who is she, again?

Back to the point:


Not really naughty, but not necessarily nice, either, I’m really feeling cobalt blue right now. The cool shade adds a bright punch of color to an otherwise (mostly) neutral season.


Some were sparkly, some were slouchy, some were oddly reminiscent of a cross between a business suit and a military-style onesie. I’ve always been a fan of one-pieces–just make sure you use the bathroom before zipping it up.


It was lovely to see such controlled glamour strutting down the runways in styles reminiscent of the fabulous femme fatales of the forties (alliteration is fun!). Bring on the shoulder pads, nipped waists, and smoldering stares.

So, basically:


Why does Paris Fashion Week just feel different? Did you have any favorites?

Whew, Fashion Month is over! Why am I so exhausted? Really, it’s not like I went to New York, London, and Milan

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  • Laura

    March 16, 2009 at 4:41 pm Reply

    love your roundup.
    I really loved all the blue and black at Paris.
    I can finally comment you !!!
    I think Paris had the best of the shows.

  • marian

    March 21, 2009 at 12:32 pm Reply

    hey beautiful love your reviews! I adored McQueen’s show.
    muah x

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