Shopping: Which Booties?
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Shopping: Which Booties?


Due to a healthy dose of anal-retentiveness, I love to make lists. Grocery lists, packing lists, lists of ideas, it doesn’t matter–they all feed my control-freak tendencies. Since I love fashion (obviously), I’m somewhat obsessed making lists of must-haves each season. Honestly? I usually make two or three rough drafts before the final list is “approved”, and have seriously considered laminating it. Shhhh

Making an appearance on the Spring/Summer 2009 list is a pair of black booties. Now, non-fashion fixated acquaintances will drolly point out that I already have multiple pairs of black shoes (isn’t it annoying when people do that?), but they obviously don’t understand the subtle details that make such a difference. In this particular case, I’m looking for something:

  • Dark (black, dark gray)
  • With a platform
  • With an open toe
  • Strappy or with cutouts
  • That covers most of my foot but is open enough to let the summer breeze through

I’m realistic, so booties with four out of the five criteria still make the cut. The following are under consideration:

whichone-black-booties03091 1. These Topshop booties meet all the criteria, but may be too high for walking 12 blocks every day. And I only want to look a little bit like a hooker, so they might be too much.

2. The Dolce Vita pair has a sturdy wedge heel–much better for walking, but may look funny with my chicken legs. Also might look weird with skirts…

3. The Marcs have a great stacked wooden heel, which I love, but are a leetle on the expensive side. And are they too casual for work?

4. This pair by Dani Black is pretty much perfect, though they look a little stiff. But is there too much foot coverage?

5. Love Viktor & Rolf, love these booties (the heel looks like it’s covered in lace), but they’re also a bit…cost prohibitive.

6. These sandals by Esska are the most different of the bunch, but they’re so comfy and look really cute on.

I plan on wearing the booties to toughen up short shorts, tiny dresses, and cutesy rompers, which reminds me: I need to get over to the gym.

Images: Forever21, American Apparel, Ruche

Are there any out there that I missed? Which ones do you like?