Interview with: Nati Evolvement (Part 2)
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Interview with: Nati Evolvement (Part 2)

We talked about the design process and product line from Nati Evolvement in Part 1 of the interview. Now it’s time to find out who’s buying their stuff and what else the guys are up to.

Who’s a Nati?
So who’s buying Nati Evolvement gear (and getting the possibly naughty notes)? People all across the country and around the world who wear Nati on their sleeve as an outward display of their pride for their hometown.

“It’s amazing to see our online orders come in from San Fransisco, Philadelphia, New York and other places around the country as people still want a way to connect with home and show their pride in our city.”

They get a lot of emails, texts, and MySpace messages with stories about people connecting away from home because they recognize the Nati line and realize they have something in common–something they never would have known about otherwise.

Part of the Community
It’s those types of stories that feed their interest in community outreach.

“…In many ways we still pride ourselves on our involvement in community events and partnerships. That’s really what we’re about, promoting the positive things taking place in our city and helping to spread the gospel.”

They’re also passionate about providing small businesses with the tools they need to succeed.

“We also get really excited about those companies who help to change the landscape of things in the community, from a neighborhood restaurant to a community festival and anything in between.”

They do other stuff, too
The guys do more than t-shirts, you know. From logo design and business cards to uniforms and menus, they offer full branding services, and say they especially enjoy working with people who are passionate and focused on their business objectives.

“Building off of their passion for what they do and their vision we get almost as excited about the project as them and take that energy into the design process.”

Much of their design business has come from word-of-mouth referrals and people who have seen their t-shirts. I speculate that each time someone walks down the street in a Nati Evolvement tee, it’s almost like a walking advertisement for their work!

“We’ve had the great fortune to work with some great new restaurants including Lavomatic and The Rookwood Bar & Restaurant and a new place called Senate that you should see this fall.”

They’ve also created designs for the Midpoint Music Festival, the local Unicef chapter’s TAP Project, the Eco Go Go fashion show–anything that helps them connect with people dedicated to improving the community.

What’s next
So what’s next for Nati? In addition to web design, Adam is also a videographer and they plan on expanding that side of the business, which will be increasingly important as more mobile devices support video. There’s a new website in the works with two sidAdd New Post ‹ The Style Sample — WordPresses–one for design, one for clothing–which should launch by the end of the month, and they’ve been working on launch splashes with Tyler from MTV’s Taking the Stage. They also want to expand the children’s clothing line.

“Cincinnati’s a great place for young families and we want to ensure that even the little ones have some sweet Nati gear.”

You can get your Nati Evolvement at Denim and Park + Vine in Cincinnati, or online at Stop by and say hello on MySpace or on their blog at

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  • Randy Simes

    July 20, 2009 at 10:22 pm

    1) Nati Evolvement is awesome,
    2) Tyler from Taking the Stage is also great,
    3) This two-part interview has been really enjoyable, thanks.

  • Tamia

    July 21, 2009 at 7:36 pm

    Thanks, Randy! It was pretty fun to write…