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The Big Switch

My apologies, y’all. Since the Maintenance Mode plugin refuses to work properly no matter how many times I un-and re-install it, you are going to be subjected to all of the ugly behind-the-scenes messiness this blog redesign entails. Just FYI, it will probably take a while since I’m working on the next issue of Style Sample magazine now.

To make up for it, here’s some better stuff to read/look at:


The header from Just JR

  • I can’t get enough of the gorgeously quirky collages at JustJR. Dude is amazing.
  • If you’re a font ho like me, you probably have a lot more font options than you really need. Luckily, Six Revisions put together a list of 10 Free Apps for Managing Your Fonts.
Alber Elbaz is scurred

Alber Elbaz is scurred

  • Seth Godin questions the reasoning behind doing things “within reason.”

Happy reading!