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Mo’ Beau

Foster kitty Beau is still with me, and it’s getting serious. He’s such a fun little guy–if I lay down, he’ll curl up on my chest and fall asleep with his head on my shoulder like a baby. If I close the door to the bathroom or bedroom, a small furry paw inevitably appears under the door (this is extremely amusing for reasons I can’t explain). If anything even remotely resembling a string moves just the tiniest bit, he pounces like a miniature panther!

He put on a full pound in the first two weeks I took him in, and though he’s still a skinny boy, he’s clearly developing muscle tone. He coos like a pigeon and has the wisest, most knowing eyes for such a small kitty–not to anthropomorphize him, but sometimes he stares up at me and it feels like I’m looking at another person.

I’ve been taking him to the Complete Petmart on Paxton on the weekends so he can get used to being in the holding cage with lots of people around and he’s done very well both times. Last weekend, he even had his picture taken with Santa! There were two adorable kittens in the cage below his, so I took pictures of them as well. Shouldn’t it be illegal to be that cute? This is why we have laws, people!

All that to say: I’m in trouble. It’s obviously love. The longer he stays with me, the harder it will be when I have to let him go to his forever home. If anyone in the Cincinnati area knows someone with a warm lap and lots of love to give…