Warehouse sale winnings
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Warehouse sale winnings

Last weekend, I hit the warehouse sale put on by The Drama Workshop (thanks to Kasmira for the heads up!) and managed to snag a few pieces, my favorite being the long tweed duster and matching trousers that make me feel like a cross between Sherlock Holmes and an Yves St. Laurent devotee circa 1987. I seriously cannot wait to rock this look when the weather cools off!

I picked up another set, too: a floral print top and skirt combo looks like something Madea would wear. I liked the print and it was only $2, so I figured what the heck. Initially, I considered shortening the skirt, but now I think I’ll keep it long. Maybe…

The last thing I got was a long plaid skirt–I will shorten this, though I’m trying to think of something awesomely Alexander McQueen/Vivienne Westwood-inspired to do to it. I’m not sure what, though–any suggestions?