Gucci, Mayne
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Gucci, Mayne

I’ve never loved Frida Gianinni’s version of Gucci as much as I loved Tom Ford’s version, but this ish right here?


It was somewhat derivative and a bit costume-y, but I happen to love costumes, so the ’70s-meets-’40s vibe worked for me. It even inspired me to do some screen-shopping for highly saturated color and Dolemite-worthy headgear.

Cerrado Tunic, Anthropologie;Marc by Marc pencil skirt, Farfetch; Michael Michael Kors Zuma sunglasses, Nordstrom; Panama Cuenca hat, Panama Hat Mall;  Joseph shirtdress, La Garconne; Studio trousers, Zara; Dolce Vita suede tassel loafers, Urban Outfitters

Unfortunately, my own closet is sorely lacking in bright colors. I took  a quick inventory and wound up with a pitiful little pile of six or seven items lumped sadly on my bed. TEH SADZ!

How do you recreate a look if you don’t have all the pieces to make it work? I sense fabric dye in my future…