Cincy Fashion Week Report: Part I
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Cincy Fashion Week Report: Part I

Monday was the start of Cincinnati Fashion Week, which means there have been parties and events for the fashion forward every night. I’m old and stuff, so I can’t do it all like I did last year, but I’ve managed to hit a few stops so far:

A-Line A-list

Monday was the A-Line/CFW Warhol Factory party, held at the old CAC. I’ve walked past that building a skabillion times and had no idea it was the old CAC, though I’m sure I visited when it was. See? Old.

There were plenty of drinks (including dangerously tasty ones mixed up by Molly Wellmann–and y’all know I’m a lightweight), fun photo booths by Framester, an American Apparel fashion show, and a profusion of hipsters large and small.

To a Tea

Wednesday evening, fashion collector Mary Baskett presented her impressive collection of Japanese designers at the Art Museum. Yohji, Comme, and Miyake, oh my!

I would’ve stayed for the party, but I’d spent most of the extremely hot day running around pulling items for A-Line, and like I said, I’m OLD y’all. I needed to soak in some Epsom salts, eat a sensible dinner, and go to bed at a reasonable hour–midnight.

I’ll report back after tonight’s shindig at Landor and this weekend’s events!