DIY Collection: Sleeveless vest
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DIY Collection: Sleeveless vest

Y’all won’t believe this, but I finished another DIY Collection project! This time, I decided to take on the sleeveless blazer–I’m much better at destroying and deconstructing than I am at creating.

I decided to use this rarely-worn rayon-blend blazer I picked up from a thrift store last year. I love the pattern and the shape, but hardly ever wear it because it’s usually too hot for long sleeves by the time I remember I own it.

Step 1-4: Remove the sleeves.

I say this was multiple steps because it took FOREVER. I turned the blazer inside-out and used a seam-ripper to remove TWO rows of thread (1 attaching the sleeve to the body, another attaching the inside edge to the lining) from each side, which took way more time and effort than I expected/liked. Hmph.

Step 5-7: Re-sew the hem.

This really was (kind of) three steps, since I (1) folded and pinned the hem back in place before (2) stitching it and (3) ironing it flat. This is when I remembered how much more difficult it is to add a relatively even hem AROUND an opening than it is to hem straight ACROSS.

After much whining and some pretty crooked stitches, it was finished!

So, I really just removed the sleeves and re-hemmed the opening. I promise it was harder than it sounds!