They Shoot Stylists, Don’t They?
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They Shoot Stylists, Don’t They?

Another day, another photo shoot! These images are from the A-Line shoot I styled for the January issue, with the lovely Sheila Gray as the model. You’d never know she has a teenage daughter–she came out of the dressing room in jeans and socks and looked like a teenager herself!

Snappin’ away at The American Can Factory

The photographer for the shoot was Gina of Kiwi Street Studios, one of those multi-talented creative types who does it all. She even managed to get a few snaps of me!

We wound up dragging some bonafide firemen (who just happened to be there answering a call) into a few pictures, too. No one is safe!

We totally caught these guys off guard, haha!

Check out the photos and the rest of the January issue of A-Line here. Happy reading!

  • pemora

    January 8, 2012at9:51 am Reply

    lovely spread! and i especially liked the sweater/suit idea…i might even try it for work! (as well as purchase those 80%20 wedges)

    • tamia

      January 16, 2012at10:47 pm Reply

      I looove those wedges. I was thisclose to buying them!

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