A Fine (Jewelry) Phase
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A Fine (Jewelry) Phase

You know how sometimes you go through phases with fashion? I’ve had t-shirt phases, leather phases, lingerie phases, and a pretty serious ongoing vintage phase. While I’ve gone through a few costume jewelry phases, I’ve managed to steer clear of fine jewelry–mostly because I know my bank account would seriously suffer. However, after another visit to Krombholz Fine Jewelry to decorate their featured jewelry case, I think my time has come.

Not sure why I was drawn to religious iconography, but there you have it!

Krombholz specializes in custom jewelry and I have several designs in mind: a typography-inspired pendant necklace, a non-ugly opal ring, a pair of earrings inspired by an old church door…yeah, this could be dangerous.

1 Comment
  • Druzy Pendant Lover

    September 18, 2012 at 11:38 am

    I know about phases with jewelry. My current favorite stone is druzy – pendants, rings, you name it. That is my current phase