Current Obsession // Das (Patterned) Boot
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Current Obsession // Das (Patterned) Boot

patterned print boots

Let it be known that I love a good bootie–and a good booty (#realtalk). Ankle boots always seem to provide just the right touch of downtown chic to any look, and right now Iโ€™m obsessed with these patterned boots.

Both pairs are relatively comfortable, and are juuuuust dressy enough to make it seem like I tried to look nice on days when it takes ALL of my effort just to put on pants. The trend has been going on for a while thanks to designers like Isabel Marant, Rag and Bone, and Giuseppe Zanotti/Brian Atwood/everybody making leopard print boots (aka everybody).

street style print patterned boots

Patterned boots have become my go-tos on days when the rest of my outfit feels blah. Check out the ones below for options that may work for you!


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