Style // Going Boho
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Style // Going Boho

There are times when I feel less “structured Zara” and more “flowy Free People.” On those days, it feels best to mix dressy vintage with random casual wear like this surprisingly cohesive beaded skirt and graphic tee combo.

Fashion stylist blog Anthropologie tee, vintage skirt, bag from the BX, Charlotte Russe sandals, random jewelry I’ve had for years, old prescription glasses I had tinted

Sidenote: I always forget I have this belt, which I bought at one of those tourist-y cowboy shops while on vacation in Tennessee a few years ago. The belts all come super long so they can cut them down to your waist size (maybe a custom fit is important if you’re a herding cattle all day?), but I decided to leave it at its original length so I could wrap it around twice. Depending on how much gelato I’ve eaten, that may or may not be a realistic option.

A few tips for pulling off a boho-ish look:

  • Stick to a neutral color palette. Muted colors are calming, and this is definitely a relaxed look.
  • Speaking of relaxed, stay away from anything too restrictive. You should be able to move like a dancing wind puppet at a car lot.
  • This is the perfect opportunity to play around with accessories: feel free to pile on the necklaces and bracelets and rings and whatever else feels good.


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