Style // Spring CINsation
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Style // Spring CINsation

Cincinnati fashion stylist blog

Friends, I think we’ve finally (finally!) reached the time of year when it’s not-crazy to wear a medium-weight sweater instead of the layers of down and wool and Monchichi™ fur necessitated by temperatures that barely reach the legal drinking age. What I’m saying is, it’s Spring!

Cincinnati fashion stylist blog

Vintage sweater, earrings, and blouse, Madewell jeans, Limited purse, BCBGeneration booties

Spring means it’s time to shop, and what could be more fun/convenient/tempting than a whole entire event dedicated to shopping? Enter CINsational, a brand new show focused on showcasing cool brands and practically bursting at the seams with free samples and giveaways. I’ll be there this weekend getting my shop on with the meager tax refund Uncle Sam saw fit to provide, because re-investing in the economy via conspicuous consumption is the American Way.

CINsational shopping

Also, I am the worst photo subject ever because I either look frat-bro drunk or cannot stop laughing when people take pictures of me. This is why I work behind the camera.

Cincinnati fashion stylist blog

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