Podcast Season 2 + Upcoming Events!
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Podcast Season 2 + Upcoming Events!

Two fashion designers, a magazine publisher, a communications diva, a multi-purpose music studio founder, a furniture design outfit, a Copy Director, a design studio, an online sales mogul, and a Social Innovation Specialist later, and season two of the Creative City podcast is a wrap!

Season 3 starts September 21st, so sign up for the mailing list to stay ahead of the game. I really love talking to all these amazing folks about what makes them tick, and I think you will, too. Listen here or download on iTunes:


If you’re interested in talking about cool stuff live and in person, you should definitely check out these events next week:

Photo by Tim Bayer

Photo by Tim Bayer

Wedding Workshop, Wednesday Aug 17th 

When I was in 5th grade, I sold hand-lettered nametags to my classmates for extra lunch money, so clearly I’m a pro. Next week you’ll have the opportunity to learn hand lettering from actual professional illustrator Erin Barker (who designed The Frock‘s beautiful logo) at the Wedding Workshop! Plus I’ll be presenting a styled bridal show featuring gorgeous wedding and bridesmaids gowns for pretty princesses and boho babes alike. And it’s free!
RSVP here 

Downton Fashion a la Carte, Friday Aug 19th

If you haven’t been to the Taft Museum’s Dressing Downton exhibit yet, get thee to the manse next Friday! I’ll be there as part of a fashion panel discussing the show and the exhibit, and will likely be tipsy after a single Pimm’s cup (I’m a lightweight), but who cares? Velvet knickers and feathered headdresses await!
Tickets at dressingdowntoncincy.com

Black Family Reunion, Friday Aug 19th – Sunday Aug 21st

I’ve been going to the BFR since it started, back when Black Bart and Bebe’s Kids were all the rage. This year it’s back with a parade, live games of Family Feud, and a performance from Cameo (just try to get “Candy” out of your head now). I’m taking over the #BFRCincy Instagram and Twitter, so be sure to follow along and join the fun!
Visit www.myblackfamilyreunion.org for details