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Summer City Guide 4: Brock and Marsha

This edition of the Summer City Guide comes to you via the lovely gals over at Style Edit, Brock and Marsha. Let’s see what they’re into right now:   Be sure to check out all things stylish at! Thanks, girls!

Summer City Guide 3: Courtnee and Reva

The third edition of the Summer City Guide is here! This time, two local fashion lovers show us how it’s done in the ‘burbs: Thanks for playing along, girls! Be sure to stop by Moments of Whimsy and Reva’s Rags 2 Roses to say hello!

Summer City Guides

The ladies in this edition of the Summer City Guide have an amazing way of mixing new and vintage and making you wonder “Why didn’t I think of that?” Check ’em out: Thanks to Jessy and Valerie for participating!

Fashion Recovery

Whew! I’m still recovering from last night’s activities, but I thought I’d share some pictures of the fun/mayhem: FNO Cincy At Saks pre-Fashion’s Night Out. First, how cute are the ladies working there? Second, how badly do I need (yes, NEED) this feathered bag? My friend, photographer Ann Van Epps hung out at FNO Cincy and took great pics of the stylish women there. I didn’t realize the store itself would be such a gorgeous...

Photo Diary: Chicken Suit Sunday

Vintage jumpsuit, thrifted vest and belt; Ash sandals, Marc Jacobs bag This weekend, I flaunted my chicken legs in a  Top Gun Goes To Summer Camp jumpsuit; chatted with some great folks at a New Media Cincy meetup; had a fantastic time hanging out with my dad on Fountain Square; mingled with hipsters at the Chicken Lays an Egg fashion show (which was the rowdiest, sassiest fashion show I’ve been to in a long time,...