Every now and then, I feel like a proper lady–you know, the type of woman for whom vacuuming while wearing heels and a pointy bra is an everyday occurrence.

I don’t have a bullet bra (gotta work on that), but I felt like a tight sweater and full skirt worn with pointy heels would be adequate, especially when paired with a headscarf and pompadour-ian Janelle Monae/Shingai Shoniwa-inspired updo.

Note that the sweater is cropped. I bought it in college, back when I actually had a flat stomach, and haven’t worn it in years because…well, let’s just say the tummy ain’t what it used to be.


The skirt is high-waisted. See, this is what I try to tell people: don’t be afraid of a high waist! It conceals the pooch (y’all know what I’m talking about), emphasizes the thinnest part of your waist, and eliminates even the possibility of the good ol’ muffin-top. Win-WIN.

Mission Ladylike: accomplished.

Vintage skirt and scarf, Victoria’s Secret sweater, DKNY heels

And I still haven’t vacuumed.

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