Photo shoot pictures!
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Photo shoot pictures!

I’m finally taking the time to post some of the images from the Stop Traffick Fashion photo shoot last month. This time, they’re all of meeeeee!

It’s kind of weird seeing my ta-tas all up in the camera, and the last image is maddeningly similar to a photo of my mother from the 70’s. However, I loved the t-shirt I wore–very soft material, well cut, and everything is 100% fair trade. Definitely a must-have.

Here, kitty kitty

This cat literally followed me home one day, and he’s so sweet and eager I just want to cuddle him! He only has about two inches of tail, so I’ve been calling him Stubby.

I’m trying to resist, but y’all know as soon as he sticks around long enough for me to get him tested and neutered, I’ll have another cat. Plus, he’d make a great playmate for Beau.

Darn the kitty cuteness!


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