Projects in progress
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Projects in progress

Last week, I lamented my work load on Twitter:

(You can follow @StyleSample for real-time updates–most of the time I’m not so complain-y, I swear.)

Between the new issue of Style Sample magazine (out tomorrow!), Style Tour reviews, and a few other projects, my eyes are crossed from staring at page layouts and WordPress admin screens. Good thing I love this stuff!

Here’s a peek at some of the things I’ve been working on:

Style Sample magazine

Issue #10 comes out tomorrow! This one includes several interviews with fashion industry professionals–Project Runway alum Althea Harper, fashion stylist Lauren Messiah, and Vogue writer Grace Timothy–as well as several gorgeous photo shoots.

I’m still trying to find the right balance of content, so let me know what you think once it’s released tomorrow.

Style Tour

All of the Style Tour stops can be viewed here, but I like things fancy so I’m creating a flashier presentation that can be embedded on other sites. I’m also working on the print version of the guide, which will be available online and in the 4th Street Boutique.

Stop Traffick gift guide

My friend Emily from Stop Traffick Fashion asked me to help her put together a holiday gift guide with new and popular items from the shop. For those who don’t know, Stop Traffick sells cute jewelry and accessories made by survivors of human trafficking and is a wonderful way to support the organizations who are rescuing and rehabilitating victims. Plus, I’m like, a moddle for them.

I created a hi-res PDF for printing, as well as a web-friendly version with clickable links to the items for sale on the site. You can check that out here.

Whew! I feel like a spa day (or at least some mani-pedi action) will be in order next week…