Style Tip: Sleeveless Blazer
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Style Tip: Sleeveless Blazer

white Sleeveless-blazer

There are some items that can make even the most slob-a-rific outfit look like a million bucks: nice heels, red lipstick, statement jewelry, a structured blazer. The blazer thing usually requires layering, which can prove to be a challenge in the summer months. However, this white sleeveless blazer (didn’t we call them vests once upon a time?) from Zara fits the bill and makes even raggedy denim shorts you’ve had since middle school look like a million bucks.


  • ashleigh

    July 30, 2013at12:42 pm Reply

    I love the super bold heels! I think I’d just call that a vest too.

    • tamia

      August 13, 2013at9:45 pm Reply

      These shoes are my new obssession. LOVE.

  • Fanta

    July 31, 2013at12:19 pm Reply

    I have those shoes. Now on the hunt for a “sleeveless blazer.”

  • Jen

    August 10, 2013at9:22 pm Reply

    The blazer-vest (blest? vezer?) looks great with the shorts! May I ask what exercise(s) you do to achieve such fantastic muscle tone and definition on your arms? I am trying to remedy my perpetually flabby arms…

    • tamia

      August 13, 2013at9:42 pm Reply

      Hey Jen, yoga pushups (aka chaturanga) are the best/worst things ever when it comes to toning triceps–they’re not easy but they get the job done! Check out this video for details:

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