Shopping // Seasonal Wardrobe Wish List
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glamleisure fall fashion inspiration

Shopping // Seasonal Wardrobe Wish List

glamleisure fall fashion inspiration

If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ve probably noticed that every season I decide on a look. This is both for fun and practical purposes: thinking about fashion is as natural as breathing for me, and making lists of things is 100% my jam. Plus, it’s fun to editorialize your own wardrobe every now and then, and having a set aesthetic makes shopping–and NOT shopping for things that don’t fit–that much easier.

This season, I’ve decided it’s all about (drumroll please)… GLAMLEISURE. What in the world is Glamleisure, you ask? Here’s what I mean:

It’s athleisure meets supermodel glamour. It’s silky slip dresses with sneakers and a bomber jacket. It’s cozy sweats worn with booties and a fabulous coat. It’s an adult onesie (aka jumpsuit) with a chunky knit sweater so plush it looks like it’s eating you alive. It’s an attempt to make pajamas and comforters and blankets look like acceptable daywear by adding fabulous accessories and a berry lip. It combines my favorite fashion era (think Naomi, Linda, my beloved Yasmeen) with my favorite activity (sleep). It’s my heart and soul and I am READY.

Here’s what’s on the list:

What’s on your heart and in your closet this season?

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