WORK // Creative Direction for DAAP NEXT Fashion Book
Style Sample LLC and Tether Media produced a fabulous fashion book for DAAP's Fashion Show.
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WORK // Creative Direction for DAAP NEXT Fashion Book

Here I go, making magazines again. Anybody notice a trend?

I love working on projects that simultaneously use all of my strengths: creative direction, fashion, project management, and shoot production. So when the team at UC DAAP’s Fashion Design program wanted to create a portfolio-magazine inspired by the Tether Sourcebook, I was all in.

DAAP NEXT Fashion Book produced by Style Sample LLC and Tether Media

After creating a timeline (spreadsheets!), putting together a crew of photographers/producer/hair and makeup/models using the Tether Directory, figuring out how to schedule 51 looks into one day of shooting, and managing the publication’s design and production, NEXT was ready to debut at the big DAAP Fashion Show—and it was a hot commodity!

It was a hit at the fashion show!

Read more about the process at, and if you’re in need of help with a photo shoot, marketing campaign, or design project, get in touch!