With Fashion Week(s) quickly approaching, we can look forward to fashion parties galore in the next month or so. While I won’t be going to NYC for Fashion’s Night Out like I did last year, I will be hitting A-Line‘s Fashion Event and the FNO event at Saks downtown to hang with fellow fashion lovers and (window) shop my heart out!

Dressing for these events can be difficult, because you want to look good and show your style chops, but you don’t want to look like you tried TOO hard because that justaintcool. So, I have a formula* of sorts: Fabulous + Frumpy + Amazing Accessories

Fabulous is the bread and butter of a fashion party look. People need to know you BELONG there, and stare longingly at your shoes. However, you also need the Frumpy aspect because the idea is to make it look like you totally forgot about this party, and  just threw on your 5-inch stilettos and gold lame blazer before casually rollin’ through.

So the idea is to combine the Fabulous and the Frumpy, add sparkly statement accessories, and stir:

Aaaand…just for giggles, I made this handy-dandy video to further demonstrate the “formula”:

*Please note that though this is a Very Complicated Formula derived via Highly Scientific Analysis, it may not apply 100% in all cases. Take this advice with a grain of salt, preferably on the rim of a shot of Tequila.

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