Weekend Photo Diary: Parks & Recreation
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Weekend Photo Diary: Parks & Recreation

Despite hot weather-laziness setting in (you know when it’s so hot it just makes you TIRED?), I managed to get the couch and enjoy the weekend!

T-Shirt Fest

Friday evening, I headed to Fountain Square to check out T-Shirt Fest. In my deluded mind, I always feel like I don’t have enough casual tees for trips to Kings Island and hanging out on weekends. This is not actually true–I have plenty of t-shirts– but that’s how I FEEL. I am an emotionally complex creature.

Washington Park

On Saturday, 3CDC offered area bloggers a tour of the almost-but-not-quite-completed City Homes, and still-under-construction Washington Park. Yes, my head fits into a hard hat. Barely.

I don’t always agree with 3CDC, but it sounds like Washington Park is going to be pretty dope when finished. There was talk of a playground slide I really feel like I NEED to test out at least once. It’s technically for the bebehs, but believe me, I will push a kid. I can take ’em.

Cincinnati Boutique Sale

Later, I stopped by the Cincinnati Boutique Sale with plans to find a black top and/or silver earrings. Failing that, I immediately switched to Plan B (in which “B” stands for “Buy Something I Clearly Don’t Need”) and got these cute little espadrille mini-wedges from Morrison & Me. Mission accomplished.

The Best Commercially Sanctioned And Therefore Not Really a Holiday Day Ever

Sunday was National Ice Cream Day, so as a proud Amurrican, I headed to Graeter’s for a specially priced scoop. Hey, I’m nothing if not patriotic.

How was your weekend?