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swoon lingerie boutique cincinnati

For New Lingerie Shop Swoon, the Name Says it All

swoon lingerie boutique cincinnati

I’ve mentioned my devotion to cotton underwear and no-wire bras before, but I never expected there to be a lingerie store centered around all of the above just blocks from me and my credit cards. Swoon, which opened on Vine Street this month, is a feminine (and feminist) haven of warm peach tones and comfy underthings for women who mix the fanciful with the practical.

The boutique carries bras and underwear from eco-friendly lines like baserange and Clare Bare, sexy-strappy sets from Marika Vera and Toru & Naoko, flowy kimonos that serve as boho-glam robes, and grooming products from Fur and Oxalis Apothecary. I loved a bra and high-waisted underwear set by Pansy, mostly based on the fact that it matched my skin tone (which is clearly not that beige tone some designers call “nude.” Nude is not a single color, folks).

swoon lingerie boutique cincinnati swoon lingerie boutique cincinnati

Swoon owner Melissa Lieb is a DAAP graduate with a background in jewelry design (more on that in a sec), and is very focused on ensuring the lines she carries are ethically manufactured using organic materials. I’m all about comfort, but I’d never considered the idea that the chemicals from your drawers can be absorbed by your skin until Melissa explained it. Food for thought, for sure.

As I was browsing, I noticed a gorgeous necklace with chunky stones and asked who made it. It turns out Melissa still creates jewelry, as well as these fantastic illustrated vignettes. Some people do All The Things, no?

swoon lingerie boutique cincinnati swoon lingerie boutique cincinnati

From the female-friendly merchandise to the casually hip decor (of course Brush Factory’s Rosie Kovacs helped build the couch) Swoon is sure to make you…well, swoon.

Swoon, 1421 Vine Street in OTR, 513.404.8541

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