Build your personal brand in 3 easy-ish steps
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Build your personal brand in 3 easy-ish steps

When you’re a freelancer or solopreneur, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to building your brand.


There’s SO much information out there—as evidenced by the fitty-leven ads that magically appear in my Instagram feed every time I scroll—that it can get really confusing.


After clicking on everything from done-for-you content calendars to expensive group coaching programs (I’m a sucker, I click on all that sh*t) I think building your personal brand is easier than all the programs and experts make it seem.


Creating a personal brand is actually pretty simple


Sure there are levels when it comes to things like aesthetics, budget, and the ol’ client roster, but based on what I’ve seen, personal branding boils down to 3 easy-ish steps:


Step 1: Do stuff you like

Yeah this seems like it should be easy, but as a grownup, sometimes “stuff you like” gets shoved to the side in favor of “stuff that has to be done.”


Set aside some time to do the things that have always resonated with you or brought you joy.


For instance, I recently rediscovered my love of fashion. It didn’t go AWAY per se, I just forgot how much I enjoy nerding out about designers and history and photography and silhouettes.


Fashion became a practical on-the-job tool rather than a source of pleasure (another consequence of adulthood), but bringing it back to an indulgent space has helped me both personally and professionally.


Step 2: Do what you’re good at

You might think stuff you like and what you’re good at are the same things, but LOLJK ’cause the universe got jokes!


There’s usually some overlap between the two, and that’s likely your sweet spot. But stuff you’re good at can be applied to stuff you don’t necessarily like, like lighting products instead of people or applying SEO tactics to a grocery store instead of a boutique.


For example, I tend to be really good at breaking things down, whether that’s the latest looks on the runway or business marketing strategy. Those two things aren’t always playing in the same arena, but the underlying skill is the same.


Step 3: Tell people about it.*

For me and most of my clients, this is the hardest part. I’d love to say I practice what I preach but that would be *Maury Povich voice* A LIE!


Sometimes it never occurs to you to share what comes naturally because it feels like nobody will care.


Sometimes it’s too much of a hassle to document what you do on a regular-degular day because it feels like you just don’t have the time.


Sometimes it’s scary to think that *~OtHeR pEoPLe~* will see those parts of your life because they might judge you.


I’m sure there are ways to get over this mental hump, and if you know one, leave a comment and share. Seriously, please share.


Until then, we just gotta tough it out and understand that the combination Stuff You Like and Stuff You’re Good At is someone else’s pain point. And that we owe it to each other step in and offer our talents when we can.


Interestingly enough, sometimes those scary *~OtHeR pEoPLe~* can see connections you can’t because you’re too close to your own life to zoom out and see how it all fits together. That’s why sharing what you’re doing is so important.


So I think it really is this simple:


Do stuff you like, do what you’re good at, and tell people about it.




And if you need someone to step back and help you zoom out, get in touch with me or set up a chat—I’d love to see how we can work together.

Need help taking that first step?
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