Thread All-Star Guide: Over-the-Rhine
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Thread All-Star Guide: Over-the-Rhine


Shop it up in OTR!

In case you haven’t heard (where have you been? can I come?), the 2015 MLB All Star Game is right here in Cincinnati on July 14th! The fine ladies of Thread Cincinnati decided to create a guide to our favorite neighborhoods to make sure locals and out of towners alike have all the fun there is to have around these parts. I got lucky: my ‘hood happens to have some of the best places to shop, eat, and hang out. I suggest finding a parking spot at the Washington Park or Mercer Commons parking garages (or Uber-ing if that’s your thing) and continuing the rest of the journey to a few of my favorite spots on foot.


Start your shopping journey at MiCA 12/v and Sloane Boutique, the original Vine Street shopping destinations. While you’re on Vine, be sure to hit Article for rugged-hipster menswear, Continuum for indie designer clothing and accessories, Idlewild for cool-girl staples, Kit & Ace for comfy separates, and Elm & Iron for vintage-industrial decor.

Credit card still in tact? Make your way over to Main Street to check out the delicate jewelry at Libby, get some creative inspiration at Rock Paper Scissors, and pick up a gen-u-ine Ohio Against the World shirt at Original Thought Required.


OTR looooves good food. If you’re in the mood for something light, Salazar makes even the most hated cruciferous culprits into Damn Good Vegetables (and good everything else, really). If you’re feeling more indulgent, head to The Eagle for amazing fried chicken–might as well carb it up and add my favorite combo of mac and cheese, sweet potato casserole and spoonbread.

The only legit reason to leave the house today #friedchicken #eateverything #thisisotr A photo posted by thestylesample (@thestylesample) on

Speaking of chicken, the waffle and chicken (waffle comes first) at Taste of Belgium is a local favorite, and the burger at Krueger’s Tavern is like a really fancy, much tastier Big Mac. Enjoy it on the rooftop while watching the crowd below on Vine Street.

I’ve been on a pizza kick lately, so depending on my mood I’ll either dig into a calzone the size of my head at Goodfellas (I recommend eating on the shaded second floor deck, hidden from the madness of Main street) or grab a slice or two at Cincy by the Slice and head upstairs to Maudie’s to see whatever random musical act happens to be playing. Either way, it’s a good time.


Like many of my neighbors, I think of Washington Park as my backyard. Take advantage of the programming (everything from yoga to movie night) and be sure to hit the special City Flea All Star Market.

Got my rings! #jewelry #couldntresist #itsaproblem

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In the mood for some (free!) live music? Head to MOTR for a drink or six and make your way to the basement to play old school games like Pinball and Pacman.

Findlay Market is a local institution for a reason. Pick up your weekly produce (it’s much cheaper here) and sample yummy food from the likes of Velvet Smoke BBQ and Dojo Gelato while enjoying the company of the families, hipsters, and old-timers that shop here.

Ready to head south to the Central Business District? Check out Olivia’s guide to Downtown Cincinnati over at Baubles to Bubbles!