Project Spotlight: #OTRisOnline Digital Holiday Promotion
An ecommerce-focused Instagram campaign made a difference for small businesses, just in time for the holidays.
ecommerce, Instagram, digital marketing
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Project Spotlight: #OTRisOnline Digital Holiday Promotion

When the pandemic pulled up, small businesses were hit hard.

But I had an idea.

#OTRisOnline graphic

I especially enjoy working with entrepreneurs and Creators, so the OTR Chamber of Commerce is one of my favorite clients.


The OTRCC has always led the charge to promote and support neighborhood businesses, but with Covid-19 cases surging just in time for the 2020 holiday season and people gravitating towards online shopping, they needed to try something new that made it easier for folks to buy local.


After conducting research on the retail industry and analyzing results from a survey of local businesses, I proposed a promotion highlighting local e-commerce as part of a larger campaign.

#OTRisOnline combined curation, storytelling, and influencer marketing in a focused Instagram campaign that made it convenient and fun to shop local.
Online retail digital holiday campaign case study
Online retail digital holiday campaign case study

I created shoppable links to Instagram posts using and worked with TetherCincy photographers Kevin J. Watkins and James Bates to quickly create images of 30+ local merchants!

Services for this project included:

Merchant Logistics

Influencer Management

Product Curation

Graphic Design

Photography (via Tether)

Social Media Management

My experience in Media Analysis, Editorial Styling, Graphic Design, Photo Shoot Production, Copywriting, and Project Management all played a role in making this promotion a success.


As a result, the #OTRisOnline campaign played a key role in promoting local e-commerce and directly drove sales to neighborhood businesses!


If you or your business are interested in creating magazine-style content that sells FOR you, send me a message or set up a chat—I’d love to help!

Need help taking that first step?
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