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Tumblr Tuesday: Ornate Leather and Heart-y Charms

  Apologies for the prolonged absence! Here’s what’s inspiring me right now: I really think my entire life would be better if I could lounge in this room for a day or twenty;  I’ve really been craving a ridiculously ornate leather skirt; 3-D floating type makes me so happy; Ever since I made a clay sculpture of a heart for 8th grade biology, I’ve been partial to “true” heart shapes like this necklace; combining typography...

Making Leather Work for Work

I’ve been searching for a reasonably work-appropriate leather skirt, lamenting all the skirts I’ve loved and passed on buying before. Then it hit me–I already have a leather dress. Why not work with THAT? I’ve worn it before… Clearly, the dress in its au naturale state is entirely unseemly for any office that doesn’t support trashy reality TV/some variation of adult entertainment. However, adding a buttoned-to-the-top oxford shirt and cardigan in somber gray makes it...

Style // Blue Mood

I’ve managed to amass quite the collection of leather (and pleather) pencil skirts, oversized oxford shirts, and pointy-toe flats, so it made perfect sense to wear them all together. It just feels very me, you know? Wearing a Zara vegan leather skirt, Banana Republic men’s oxford shirt, Boden flats, and DIY rhinestone cluster earrings. Speaking of earrings, come Sip ‘n Shop with the Thread Cincinnati babes at Kendra Scott’s new  store at brand spanking new Liberty...

  Remember that blue leather skirt? Vintage skirt and bag; Gap shirt; Steven heels; DIY scarf necklace I can never resist wearing my new stuff right away–even when it’s not really new. Speaking of vintage, I’ll be part of NVISION‘s fashion show at the Symphonic Stylings fundraising event at The Electric Warehouse this Saturday! Do not even get me started on some of the beautiful vintage dresses I tried on during my fitting–you don’t want...

Flea Shopping

Remember when I was looking for a colored leather pencil skirt and wound up wearing this dress instead? Well…I was browsing at The City Flea yesterday when I came across this Smurf-blue leather pencil skirt at the On the Prowl Vintage booth. I think it’s pretty clear what happened next. Also seen at the flea: Did you go? What did you see/buy?